Origin:  Chicago, IL


Genres:  Rock, Indie Alternative 


Years Active:  2016- Present


Label:  Independent 


Website: socialqueofficial.com


Email: socialqueofficial@gmail.com
Phone: (312) 550-1966


Short Bio
Social Que is a two piece band from Chicago that features Ian Rottner  (vocals & guitar) and Sam Gutsmiedl (drums). The band began two years ago, and since developed their sound by fusing together the sounds of the late 90's and early 2000's. 


Album Review 

A&R Factory Review on "Odyssey": "The instrumental arrangement works well and creates enough peaks and valleys in the instrumental texture throughout, aiding the overall structure and emphasis on the voice. The arpeggiated chords create a constant ticking rhythm which during the verses works well to build up to the hook as well. All the instruments and the voice offer a good performance quality throughout the song...." A&R Factroy

The Deli Chicago -

"Alt Rock duo Social Que is preparing to release a new single this Friday, May 1st, called "988". The song focuses on the struggle and fight of depression and the importance of knowing you are not alone. Musically, the single has us feeling nostalgic for vintage Stone Temple Pilots in all the best ways."